Our Stop Motion Video Explains How to Curb iPhone Theft

It all started one day when my friends and I realized that there's not much you can do when your phone gets stolen. Do you report it to the police? The NYPD is simply too busy in solving other crimes. That's when we had a pretty ambitious thought: What if civilians and police officers could unite forces?

So 'Wanted' came about -- the digital phone-cop in social networks that fights against smartphone theft.

An ambitious thought, however, requires an ambitious execution. We decided on stop motion. One art director, two copywriters and the love for stop motion culminated in creating the New York City diorama, below. For two months, cardboard, glue and tape became our closest friends.

Introducing the "Wanted" app... in stop motion video:

Analogue details to the process:

1. Over 1,000 squares of cardboard

2. What the hell happened to all that glue that we bought?

3. Construction lights get really hot. The breaks we took every 20 minutes while the lights had to cool off were what kept us going.

4. Some of the shots required top yoga moves

5. It took almost two months to be able to press the play button and watch the final video. We think it was worth it.

Miruna Macri is an artist. Her website is www.mirunamacri.com.