Recipes That Show You How Watercress Is Supposed To Be Eaten

This delicate, wild green is one that you have to look out for at the farmer's market.

Photo credit: Sweet Paul, Sunday Suppers, Alexandra Cooks, Boulder Locavore, The View From The Great Island, Heather Christo

One of our favorite warm-weather produce arrivals -- we have so many! -- is watercress. This delicate, wild green is one that you have to look out for at the farmer's market. In just one blink, entire stocks will be sold out. (It doesn't help that restaurants often reserve their order of watercress in advance, greedily diminishing the limited supply of this precious green even further.)

Ever so popular in Europe, watercress grows wild near creeks and streams (hence the name); it can also be farmed, though with a slightly different result. If you do get your hands on this peppery green, consider yourself lucky. And make the most of your bounty with the recipes below.

Ramp And Watercress Soup
Sweet Paul
Get the Ramp and Watercress Soup recipe from Sweet Paul
Fig and Cantaloupe Salad With Watercress And Creamy Garlic Lime Dressing
Brooklyn Supper
Campanelle With Hard-Boiled Eggs, Capers And Watercress
Alexandra Cooks
Cold Cucumber Noodle Salad With Watercress
Boulder Locavore
Pink Grapefruit And Watercress Salad
The View From The Great Island
Get the Pink Grapefruit and Watercress Salad recipe from The View From The Great Island
Creamy Watercress Soup
Lola Lobato/Food52
Get the Creamy Watercress Soup recipe from Lola Lobato via Food52
Cuban Avocado, Watercress And Pineapple Salad
James Ransom/Food52
Get the Cuban Avocado, Watercress, and Pineapple Salad recipe from Genius Recipes via Food52
Omelette Roulade With Smoky Fried Potatoes, Cream Cheese, And Watercress
Veggie Belly
Rosemary Chicken Salad
Heather Christo
Get the Rosemary Chicken Salad recipe from Heather Christo
Tomato, Watercress And Mozzarella Salad
Kimchi, Pork + Scallion Pancake With Watercress-Radish Relish
Caroline Wright/Food52
Watercress Soup
Simply Recipes
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