We Don't Know If These 'Massage Crayons' Are Weirdly Brilliant Or Just Weird

Introducing the "De-Stress Doodlers."

Groupon is advertising a product for kids that has many people excited, and others skeptical.

On July 31, the company shared a (hilariously dramatic) video on YouTube and Facebook promoting its “De-Stress Doodlers” ― also called “massage crayons” ― that allow kids to draw on their parents and let parents relax. People flocked to the comments mostly to either tell friends to immediately buy them or to express their extreme skepticism.

In its Facebook post, which encouraged fans to enter a contest to win a set of the crayons, the company linked to a Groupon U.K. page that shows that the crayons are no longer available.

According to the same Groupon page, the different crayons come in three colors (red, blue and green) and contain shea butter, a variety of vitamins, beeswax and jojoba oil. The colors can be removed with warm water and soap or cleanser, according to the company.

Public relations and communications agency Brands2Life, which works with Groupon U.K., confirmed the authenticity of the crayons to HuffPost and pointed out they were only available in the U.K. for a limited time.

Despite many people’s suspicions about the crayons, Groupon posted about its invention again on Wednesday. The company also replied to a few comments on its original Facebook post and even offered good luck to a commenter who wanted to enter to win the set of crayons.

As Groupon wrote on the “De-Stress Doodlers” page, the crayons are “putting the ‘me’ time back in ‘we’ time” for parents.

This story has been updated to include confirmation of the authenticity of the crayons from Brands2Life, a public relations agency that works with Groupon U.K.