Wedding Planning Is More Stressful For Men, Survey Finds

Men Find Wedding Planning More Stressful Than Women, Survey Says

Brides-to-be are typically the ones to take on most of the wedding planning responsibilities, but it turns out that men find the process more stressful than women do.

According to a recent survey from Kalms -- a British herbal stress remedies company -- 23 percent of men said they found planning the Big Day to be the most stressful life event, while only 16 percent of women said the same.

The biggest wedding-related stressors? The majority said creating the guest list was the most difficult task, followed by staying within budget and keeping everyone happy. Other major stressors included creating the seating chart and dealing with overbearing family members.

Kalms asked 2,000 UK men and women about which big life events -- moving, having a baby, getting married, changing jobs, etc. -- were causing the most stress. They found that 37 percent of respondents considered moving the most stressful, followed closely by having a baby (34 percent). Nearly one-fifth (18 percent) of Brits considered planning a wedding most stressful event, while 10 percent said changing jobs put the most strain on them.

The report also looked at how wedding planning stress affects brides and grooms-to-be. Forty percent said they were unaffected by it, 30 percent reported feeling anxious, 23 reported a loss of sleep and 18 percent noticed more arguing with their fiancé as a result. Eleven percent used smoking as a coping mechanism, while others cried or turned to food for comfort (9 percent respectively).

Check out the slideshow below for nine healthy ways for partners to de-stress while planning a wedding.

How To De-Stress With Your Partner

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