Wegmans Is Opening 10 New Stores

Wegmans Is Opening 10 New Stores

The cult of Wegmans fanatics is about to get a bit bigger.

The Rochester, New York-based grocery store chain will open 10 new stores over the next three years, Jo Natale, Wegmans' director of media relations, told The Huffington Post Tuesday morning. The new stores will be in Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

A list of new stores can be found on Wegmans' website:

wegmans new stores

The company also opened a store in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, in late April.

Unfortunately, Wegmans isn't expanding into any states where it doesn't already have a store. The regional chain already has 84 stores in six states -- the five where it will open its new locations, along with New York.

Wegmans was recently named the best supermarket chain in America by Consumer Reports. It's well-known for its fresh food selection and its treatment of workers. The store is so popular it has even inspired a high school musical.

This post has been updated with a statement from a Wegmans representative, that the chain is opening 10 new stores over the next three years, rather than two, as previously reported.

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