What Does Your Style Say About You?

Most of us are not aware of what we're communicating most of the time...
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Most of us are not aware of what we're communicating most of the time...

Often we get a hint of how we come across thru conversation with others. Or if we're fortunate enough to have a best friend who means well, she will let us know if something is amiss. And when we do find out through an outside source (usually to our disgust!) it seems far from the ideal vision we have for ourselves.

And when it comes to dating men, it could be that you just can't seem to keep a very attractive man interested in you. Why do you think that is? It could be a number of things you're unaware of. The tone of voice which is seeking validation and coming across as needy perhaps, the fashion faux-pas you're making through your outfit combination, or some sort of insecurity that reveals itself through your mannerisms.

A "style coach" can come in and pinpoint some of the factors that are contributing to what is causing you angst, and steer you in a direction that can fix them somewhat. But more often than not a 'style' coach would only be concerned with your outward appearance, your way of dressing, the clothes you wear and how you combine your outfits.

Know that fashion is only one part of style. You need a coach who goes beyond just fixing your 'style'. A self-image consultant will go beyond that and help you with your self-expression to help you achieve elegance, which is deeper and comes from within. Because once unattractive flaws and mannerisms are identified, you will have the power to change them.

And as you develop your own unique style, you can start infusing elegance so that the total combination of both transforms the way you dress, the way you talk, behave, move your body, or do anything for that matter. Simply put, your inner and outer expressions start to match. Very soon, your thoughts, emotions, interests and values start aligning with your outer appearance and everything on the outside becomes a mere reflection of what's on the inside.

You see, it's not enough to just follow fashion. Because being fashion-forward does not always contribute to elegance. And elegance is what you want. Do you have to be an unstoppable force of charisma who looks impeccable all the time? Of course not! Your style could be more about comfort than fashion, but you have adopted that innate capability now to be charismatic. You are now the type of woman that everyone loves and is drawn towards. You become instantly and effortlessly attractive.

Suddenly you're building your own unique self-brand. You start exuding influence in just about any setting without even intending to do so. People start trusting you more and whatever words you say to them will carry more credibility because you are the living epitome of elegance. Your words, actions, mannerisms and confidence become apparent.

Elegance as we know it is very rare indeed in the world we live in today. It was rare before, and even more rare now.

Ultimately the message we get across to others has very little to do with the words we use in any conversation. Our body language; the tone, pitch and volume we use in our voice, the expression on our face when we communicate, these are all part of the non-verbal communication that reveals our true nature. We can come across as insensitive and domineering, or shy and insecure. However, once we become more aware of all these innuendos and deliberately strive to achieve that elegance that is the hallmark of classiness, a shift happens.

Your lifestyle and your surroundings start to match your persona. Your values shift to encompass all that you represent and embody. Now no matter what you say, do or express, all is in harmony. Now there is no doubt in anyone's mind who you are and what you are about.

This, my friends, is what you want.

Self-confidence is the best outfit.
Rock it and own it.

Rani St. Pucchi, 2016
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