What Is Universal Basic Income? And Give It To Me Now

Universal basic income is the idea that every person should be given enough money to cover their basic needs, regardless of financial hardship, work ethic, or anything else -- no strings attached.

It's no secret that millennials are horribly in debt and clearly have it worse than previous generations. Universal basic income would help people navigate the complex and insecure nature of the modern world. A basic income could help equalize the playing field for many who struggle to make ends meet.

The security offered by a basic income program would (hopefully) lead people to have a better more creative life. Although it could exasperate problems like carelessness and lack of effort, which known criminal and "lifestyle guru" Martha Stewart has already criticized millennials for.

This video from The RSA, narrated by Anthony Painter, shows that a basic income model is not only achievable but something the world is ready for. It could provide a means to rethinking what matters. With a guaranteed financial safety net, people could strengthen their relationships to one another, improve their working lives, and lead more creative lives.

There's really no telling what a universal basic income will do for the human race. It seems like a utopian solution that could potentially strengthen the developed world to a point of prosperity. Or it could be manipulated into a place of complete ruin by a lazy and entitled generation. We'll never know until we try.

In the meantime, we'll be waiting for our checks.