universal basic income

Stockton is making unconditional payments to 125 residents, and the first set of results is out.
The world's most prominent trial of universal basic income has ended -- and the first results are in.
Andrew Yang’s platform for his presidential campaign includes $1,000 per month for all Americans.
Andrew Yang’s platform for his presidential campaign includes $1,000 per month for all Americans.
He believes a jobs crisis is looming -- and robots are to blame.
In an era of populism and pessimism, this country could be one of the first to help citizens hurt by globalization.
Without basic economic security, people often behave selfishly and vote irresponsibly.
Trump waived his magic "wall" wand over his rust-belt Cinderellas that eked out an electoral win with fears of minorities and foreigners, but can he build a wall around job automation?
I am all for allowing people to live in dignity. I think that society must provide every citizen and resident with food, clothing
Indeed, of great concern is the effect of such a policy on society: with such a disincentive to work, does it create laziness
It appears some establishment voices have picked up on a way of opposing the idea of the monthly citizen dividend of about $1,000 per month, known as universal basic income (UBI), in a way that successfully leaves some progressively minded people afraid.
One of the biggest ironies about Donald Trump's Presidential campaign is his pledge to bring back jobs that have been outsourced to other countries--the major driver behind his support from blue-collar workers.
There's really no telling what a universal basic income will do for the human race. It seems like a utopian solution that could potentially strengthen the developed world to a point of prosperity. Or it could be manipulated into a place of complete ruin by a lazy and entitled generation. We'll never know until we try.
Over the past few weeks, I spoke with some of the world's leading experts in technology information and robotics. As usual, there was an air of contagious optimism. But I also heard a lot of worries and doubts.
The main criticism of a basic income is that it will disincentivise people from working, a criticism that's also made of
The concept of economic growth with limited labour input is a radical departure from anything we are familiar with. The concept
We won't get world peace by converting others to our tribes. We can, however, come together to at least solve the problem of economic insecurity, if not inequality, which would put everyone on a solid footing and ease the tension that is a hallmark of our times.
The radical proposal drew international attention.