What We Can All Learn From Generals About Success and Leadership

What We Can All Learn From Generals About Success and Leadership
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Recently, I was on Twitter (thank goodness for social media!) and was lucky enough to come across a wonderful resource for learning about success and leadership from our very own Military Generals. I usually don't pay attention or write about the hundreds of self-help sources on the internet and social media, but this one was absolutely different and has quickly become my favorite.

This one actually had very usable, common sense advice that regular people like myself could use everyday for every individual situation. Valuable lessons coming from people who have spent their lifetime leading with great success and accolades. With every link that I received from General John Michel -- Commanding General NATO -- and other contributors like Matthew Fritz -- Fighter Pilot -- or Chris Stricklin -- Air Force Officer -- or Christopher Levy -- Director of Operations at NATO Air Training -- I learned something extremely valuable, and something that could be applied to my everyday life to improve it.

As the daughter of a Army Vet, I am no stranger to the positive things you can learn from being in the military, but it is not often that people this qualified and successful will share their journey with you and the lessons they have learned and continue to learn. We all know there are no short cuts in the military and it is very hard to succeed and be promoted to the level that these men are at, so whatever they are willing to share with us is going to be undoubtedly useful.

Some of my favorite things I have learned so far:

1. We all have something great to contribute we just have to know how to release it.

2. A positive attitude sets the tone for success. Too many leaders think harshness and a know it all attitude is how to win, these Generals say that is not the case.

3. How you can learn from bad negative experiences -- sometimes we would rather forget those times, but these Generals say the lessons learned from bad leadership can be the most valuable.

What I like most about all of these posts, is that they are genuine and positive and are absolutely meant to help others in the best way possible. They are for people of every walk of life from every background. I feel that these Generals truly want to teach others how to win. There is such a good feeling of encouragement and hope for change that is felt after reading these posts. I am so grateful for having such a resource. Thanks to all at General Leadership! You can follow these guys on Twitter and learn more: