What We're Reading

As the COP21 talks wind down, you might need something else to read about. Here is a selection of articles NCSE staff found interesting this week.

  • The iPhone 6 Makes Climate Change Simple, Bloomberg News, September 19, 2015 -- An oldie, but a goodie! Eric Roston uses the iPhone to explain all things climate change.
  • Having Bacon with Their Bible: Southern Christians and the "Race" QuestionBioLogos, December 3, 2015 -- the second installment of a series of three posts by Monte Hampton, based on his book Storm of Words: Science, Religion, and Evolution in the Civil War Era South (University of Alabama Press, 2014).
  • What's a Species, Anyways? The New Republic, December 6, 2015 -- How do you pass and enforce legislation to save a species, when the genetic evidence suggests it isn't a species at all? The messiness of the biological species concept does more than just rankle--it has effects on conservation policy.
  • Dinosaurs Evolved in a Startlingly Short TimeScientific American, December 8, 2015 -- Dinosaurs took perhaps a third of the time previously believed to evolve from their predecessors.  
  • What Climate Change Looks Like: Mountains with Little SnowThe New York Times, December 8, 2015 -- Some alarming pictures of the snowpack or lack thereof in the high Sierras. (Part of an ongoing series "Chasing a Climate Deal in Paris")
  • Ted Cruz Turns Up the Heat on Climate ChangeThe Atlantic, December 9, 2015 -- Ted Cruz convened a hearing this week aimed at casting doubt on the scientific validity of human influence on climate change. The four witnesses who appeared were all prominent climate change deniers.  

Photo credit: Shakespeare and Company store in Paris by Jon Hurd. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.