What Would Happen If Toddlers Could Negotiate Like Adults

"I don't see you sharing your favorite toy, your iPhone."

It’s no secret that toddlers are not especially keen on sharing their toys. But they seem to have trouble explaining exactly why.

In the latest installment of their “If Toddlers Could Put Their Feelings Into Words” series, the funny moms of The BreakWomb show what would happen if toddlers could calmly articulate their thoughts on sharing.

Instead of throwing tantrums, the “toddlers” in the video use logical reasoning to negotiate like adults and explain why their parents’ efforts to make them share their toys are totally in vain.

As one toddler says, “Kids my age are incapable of altruistic prosocial behavior.” Asks another, “Why don’t you share your wallet with Sharon?”

Well played, kiddos.

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