What's on Mark Foley's iPod?

RECENTLY ADDED: Front Page News (Little Feat); It Aint' Cool to Snitch (Pistol); Lil Snitch Ass Kid (The S.P.I.C.S.); Town Full of Snitches (Down South Deficit)
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Song (artist)

Hello Boys (The Herd)

Welcome to My Party (Rusted Foot)

It's My Party (Lesley Gore)

I'm the Man (Joe Jackson)

I Could Really Show You Around (Judy Collins)

Gotta Get a Message to You (Bee Gees)

Message to the Boys (The Replacements)

The Message is Love (Al Green)

Love and Happiness (Al Green)

Come On'a My House (Rosemary Clooney)

Isn't It Grand, Boys? (The Clancy Brothers)


Song (artist)

Front Page News (Little Feat)

T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Travis Tritt)

Double Trouble (Lynyrd Synyrd)

Turn Back the Pages (Stephen Stills)

It Aint' Cool to Snitch (Pistol)

Lil Snitch Ass Kid (The S.P.I.C.S.)

Town Full of Snitches (Down South Deficit)

What'll I Do? (Frank Sinatra)

I Don't Want to Spoil the Party (Roseanne Cash)

That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On (Sam Cooke)

Say Goodbye to Hollywood (Billy Joel)

Maybe It's All for the Best (The Ink Spots)

By the Way... (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

He Always Knew (Craig T. Olson)

Right From the Start. (The Limeliters)

You Can't Fool the Fat Man (Randy Newman)


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