Where Are The Russia Sanctions?

Where Are The Russia Sanctions?
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What is actually happening with the Russia sanctions Congress overwhelmingly passed, reluctantly signed by Trump weeks ago, for which a deadline passed a month ago?

I haven’t been able to find anything significant that clarifies what the Trump administration is doing about this. Some stuff about studying this or that, imposing this or that, but good luck figuring out what is really happening.

A full and faithful execution of all these sanctions is just not happening. It seems like every pronouncement comes with a hidden caveat.

You’d think there would be more outrage from Capitol Hill lawmakers, even from Republicans, who championed these sanctions as we see what appears to be nothing more than lip service from the White House.

Of course, the issue here is whether Trump is rewarding Putin for throwing the election. Hey, why else would you obstruct justice to thwart investigations. This is what collusion is all about.

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