'Where Was the Guardian Angel When...?' A Response to Cynics

Now that I realize how much help people are getting from knowing that I can see a guardian angel with everyone, I no longer care what people think.
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We all have a guardian angel. Your guardian angel is there with you now, whether you believe it or not.

I meet lots of people who tell me they don't believe in angels. I do. But then, I have been seeing angels since I was a baby. I see them as physically as I see someone standing in front of me.

I have never seen anyone without a guardian angel. I see them with people of all religions and none, with people who are good and bad, with people who believe in angels and with those who don't. I understand that for some people it's hard to believe that there could be such a thing as an angel, or even that I can see angels. I can't prove the existence of angels, or that I see them. I wish I could. All I can do is tell you what I see and am told and then leave it up to you.

Until I was in my early 50s, I hardly talked about what I could see. I was afraid I would be ridiculed and laughed at, that people would say I was crazy. But now that I realize how much help people are getting from knowing that I can see a guardian angel with everyone, I no longer care what people think.

The first question most cynics ask me is, "Where was the guardian angel when..." and will reel off some terrible atrocity.

The truth is that the guardian angels were there trying to avert the disaster or tragedy. God has given us all free will and no guardian angel can overstep this. Whenever any of us are doing wrong, our guardian angel is trying everything possible to stop us, but they cannot overstep the boundaries of free will. The hard truth is that evil exists -- we can see the evidence of it all around us -- and many people seem to find it easier to give into evil rather than to listen to their guardian angel and do the right thing.

Sometimes I will meet a person who will tell me something terrible that has happened to them, like a car crash, and they will say it is a miracle that they survived.

When this happens, I will often be told by the angels with them that their guardian angel had, in fact, protected them and that the person had listened and slowed down, or responded in a particular way. They may still have hit the other car, but without their guardian angel the accident could have been much more severe.

There is so much in our world that is incomprehensible. Sometimes, something that we think is a disaster will turn out later to have been a miracle in disguise. We also have to remember that we are all only on this earth for a short while, and that we all will have to die at some time. When we die our guardian angels will be there with us to accompany us.

Your guardian angel is with you from before you are conceived and it never leaves you, not even for one moment. Your guardian angel will never come to earth with any other person other than you. If only you could see the look of unconditional love I see guardian angels giving the person they are guarding, you would never doubt how special you are. You are the most important person in the world to your guardian angel and it will do all it can to help you. But you need to play your part and listen to it, whatever way it communicates with you best; by signs, inspiration, gut feelings (including guilt) or comments from other people.

It seems to me to be a terrible waste to have all this help on offer and not to use it. Why not suspend your cynicism.

What have you got you lose?

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