Whiskey the Official Drink of Any Repression

With St. Patrick's Day coming our thoughts turn to our favorite Irish whiskey, a peaty rarity for Ireland, The Connemara Single Malt.
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With St. Patrick's Day coming our thoughts turn to our favorite Irish whiskey, a peaty rarity for Ireland, The Connemara Single Malt.

We're big whisky/whiskey gals. We even offer a tutorial in our new book Bitches on a Budget, so a gal can sidle up to the bar and order with authority. After all, we think that whisky (or is it whiskey? read Bitches to get the answer) should be the official drink of any Repression.


Yes, we've decided we are not exactly living in a recession or a depression, but something psychologically nefarious and new. A Repression.

Think about it: the national mood is one of repressed appetites, repressed spending, repressed lending, repressed reality.

Some of this is a good course correction--not consuming everything in our path is wise, smart, and green. We need to finally grow up as a country--we can't have and do anything we please. Thoughtful careful spending is overdue. Savings are good. But a frightened consumer and withholding banks aren't good for anyone.

Are we repressing our reality because it is too painful to see and hear the truth? Crumbling infrastructure, desperate local governments, deficits, joblessness and the fear of joblessness. Gridlock in Congress (who doesn't want a big tall stiff one over the Health Care debate and the incessant, unproductive, petty squabbling while millions go uninsured and insurance rates skyrocket?). War and more war.

Meanwhile, as a nation we're glued to reality shows depicting "real" people whose lives are falling apart or defy normal logic: so-called real housewives; or women so desperate to get famous they'll let some dude pick them from a line-up. Don't get us wrong, we have our addictions like Project Runway and Chopped. But isn't it disturbing to see Rod Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice ?

Think about it: what else could account for the popularity of our "Peep Show Nation" but a need to hide from our own reality, to submerge our psyches in those whose lives are weirder and more unbelievable?

We think it's time for a little healthy stimulation, leaders willing to tell the real truth and stop the spin, and voters mature enough to face hard realities and listen. Until that day comes, we're doing everything we can to stay afloat.

Whiskey or whisky? We'll take one of each.

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