Why Business Owners Use Visualization


Remember when you were a child? You would imagine whatever you desired. You easily accessed your imagination and saw yourself becoming rich and famous, being a movie star, a celebrity singer with rabid fans, living in an amazing home, driving your ideal car or having your dream boyfriend or girlfriend.

In your mind, you visited imaginary lands and became a pretend person. You would see yourself taking action in such rich and vivid detail that you completely felt and believed it was real. What were you doing? You were visualizing.


Successful athletes, actors, speakers, singers, entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO's, sales professionals and executives all use some form of visualization to turn their goals into real life results. You have certainly heard the phrase, "What your mind can perceive, you can achieve." Well, most high-performers regularly visualize their success before it happens!

Athletes use visualization to help them focus and stay at the top of their game. They envision hitting their golf shot, winning their race, scoring a touchdown, making the basket or reaching their goal. Just as they use visualization before their competition begins, you can use visualization to see yourself succeeding in business.

As an entrepreneur, you can now use those same powers to rapidly turn your goals into the results you want. Visualization can help you grow your business, lead your team, close more sales or achieve any result you desire.


To help you do just that, I've developed a massively powerful process that I am sharing with you now. I call my approach Conscious Millionaire Visualization. It consists of just three simple steps that anyone can use to realize any goal or objective.

CONSCIOUS - Begin by building a vivid picture of your ideal future in your conscious mind. What is the new reality you wish to experience? Describe what you will specifically see, hear, smell, taste, sense and feel when you achieve your desire. Set it in your mind as it will be when your goal is fully achieved - see things as if your quest is finished.

FOCUSED - Intensely focus your mind, heart and soul on your desired reality. Focus every thought, feeling and cell in your body on your outcome. Instead of leaving the picture "out there," as if it were somewhere in the distant future, bring it toward you. When it gets close to your body, bring it inside of you so your future and present become ONE. When you fully associate your mind, heart and body with the completion of your goal, you energetically become one with your desired result. Embody it and see yourself fully living in your new reality right now!

ACTION - The final and most important step is to take action, and exercise the step-by-step actions you believe are necessary in order to create your new reality. Act quickly and decisively. Continue to make any changes in your plan until you genuinely understand that taking these actions will create your new reality. Think of this as your action script. Take your actionable steps while you are in a state of intense mental, emotional and physical focus.


By not only taking ownership of what you want, but also emotionally feeling and physically sensing your desired reality, you can rapidly move towards any result you want. Start each day by visualizing your success and taking conscious and focused action to make it your new reality.

The major shift resulting from visualization, is a shift in hoping the result will occur someday to experiencing it as if it has already occurred. If you buy in with complete heart and faith that what you are visualizing is real - as if it is already occurring - you give yourself permission to live at your highest level and express your highest consciousness. You make it possible for your best self, and your deepest passions and aspirations, to become your reality.

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