7 Reasons People Lie

Melisa claims her husband Chris — from whom she's separated while she's pregnant with their second child — is a pathological liar. Watch their story here. When she turns to Dr. Phil for help, he offers reasons why Chris, who admits he's had a problem with lying since his youth, might do what he does. The reasons people lie include:

  • To take what is not rightfully theirs
  • To escape accountability
  • To create a fantasy/false self-esteem to escape their mundane life
  • To avoid punishment
  • To inflict pain
  • To feel better in the moment; to "steal" admiration
  • To gain advantage to exploit others

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil reveals one of the most egregious lies Chris has told about Melisa. Why does she continue to subject herself and her kids to it? That might change when Dr. Phil steps in — see more here.

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