Why Shopping at Thrift Stores Rules

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During tough economic times, we all have to cut corners. Unfortunately, for people like me who you know, like to look good out in public, it's impossible not to shop for certain things, namely nice clothes. Believe it or not, people spend an average of $134 per month on what they wear. If you're just shopping for yourself that may not seem like a lot of money, but if you're a family of four, it can add up!

Looking good can be expensive. It can take you to the point where you open up your wallet and moths fly out. It's too bad that going out in the nude is against the law in most states. All kidding aside however, one of the ways I like to stay fresh is by picking up the odd item or two at a thrift store. The fact is that sometimes people donate really quality items to these places and as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

People shop at thrift stores for many reasons, and no it's not because rapper Macklemore gave them street cred with his 2013 hit song Thrift Shop.

Shop for Growing Kids

If you have children, you know that they are always growing and soon they'll outgrow their clothing. One day they are fitting nicely into their clothing and it seems like the next you can't get it over their head.
Then there's the problem of stains. Children make a mess all over their clothing. That adorable $20 dress or outfit that you bought for your little one is now a very expensive rag.

Shop for Special Occasions

Now let's talk about special occasions. You want a new dress to wear for your friend's wedding. Yes, maybe it's something you'll wear again. But you just can't justify spending a fortune on it. Thrift stores to the rescue. You're going to find a lot of great dresses there at a fraction of what they cost new. They may even be brand new. You never know unless you check them out.

This is another option when it comes to homecoming or prom. If your daughter is going to her prom, she is only likely to wear her dress once. So a gorgeous dress from a thrift store is a great option. This will help you save money and have her look beautiful at the same time.

Shop for Costumes

Whether Halloween is just around the corner, you're going to a comic book convention, or just throwing a dress up party for the fun of it, thrift stores are a great choice. They often have costumes year round for men, women, and children. Even if you just need some smaller accessories for a costume you're putting together at home, you can't go wrong.

For a single chap like myself, nickel and diming my way through some quality clothing at the thrift store is better than going to a large department store or retail chain any day. So even though Halloween isn't exactly just around the corner, it's never a bad play to go to the local thrift shop. Especially because Macklemore says it's cool.