Why You Might Want To Consider A Plant-Based Meal This Monday

For many people, meat is the star of their daily meals. It can be hard to imagine taking away a staple like steak or chicken and still being satisfied, but it’s possible to create hearty plant-based meals that are not only delicious, but nutritious, too. Check out the video above, created in partnership with Panera, to see how health activists like Rip Esselstyn and Kevin Curry are helping people around the country get plant-strong by teaching them the power of plant-based cooking.

To promote plant-based eating, Panera Bread will be showcasing the meatless offerings on its menu and encouraging others to eat plant-based using #MeatlessMonday. To see how others are improving the way we eat, check out Food Interrupted, a six-part series by Panera that sheds light on these hardworking chefs, tastemakers and community heroes who are helping to change America’s food system.