Why You Should Pick Up Your Self-Worth and Run With it!

Coming across Blake Mycoskie's book, Start something that matters, I found myself contemplating this ideology. His company, Toms, sells shoes, one for one, giving a free pair of shoes, for every pair bought, to poorer people in other countries. This amazing, idea of paying something back, from what we receive, hounded me for a week.

I've always been greatly concerned about those not able to afford counselling, because of my perspective as a counsellor, its beauty to magically change a person's life, can be, astounding. To be frank, I know, from my work, but also, have been in 'great need' a long time ago, in my life, and not even known about counseling?

Thankfully, I was taken to the right person, one, of many wise women, who taught me so much about life skills and wisdom. My continued learning alongside my counseling diploma, years of growth, momentous life experiences, to finally, setting up my own private counseling practise.

But, I digress, the idea stuck in my head. I followed it around the recesses, of my inner self, searching for how, I could use this system, with what I do. Funding already reduced for counseling, to zilch, the injustice bites. Like an insect sting, smarting, bruised and unfair. I felt, I must 'give back' to the world somehow, to those needing this service, but how?

Eventually, I discussed it with my mentor. Who so rightfully reminded me, with no exchange of money, rich or poor, it will not 'mean anything' to people. Giving therapy to those who've not decided, to help 'themselves', or entered into an exchange for (no matter what), will not bring the same results.

Now I may be hard of hearing (joke), but it wasn't till the next day, with the rise of the super moon, after witnessing a beautiful hare, I suddenly realized.

I AM doing something that matters! It's just, I've been striving, so long to get there, that I didn't notice I had! It's about accepting and stepping into 'who you are now', realising 'where you've got to'. I don't need the book anymore.

As I was reminded: It's about stepping into your own power, reclaiming that power, and finding yourself in true alignment with your passions and purpose.


So, when you're busy, remember, to put your head up and smell the roses. To see, what's around you. What is the reality? The very first copy of MY book 7 Steps to Transform your Self Worth, arrived auspiciously, in perfect timing, on the super moon day of September 28th, 2015.

I sat there looking at it, on my coffee table. This book, that had made me grab, every spare train journey of up to 3 hours, every day, for over a year, whilst, imagining the 'whole' picture, of the eventual book. To offer some directional help, to those suffering this horrendous, current day malady of lack of self-worth. And yes, counselling is useless as a book form, because it's an interaction.

Interaction, yes, and real communication. It's what we lack in this world, full of iPhones, iPads, games, televisions and computers. Talking for real, not in text. Interaction, 'saying how we feel' about anything.

I see us all walking around with our heads in Wi-Fi, when we have so much more knowledge in our own heads, if only we'd talk and listen to ourselves. To allow our brains, to evolve organically. That to me is 'pure' counselling, believe me, there is nothing to beat it.

And what do I do, the next day? Suddenly, panic sets in, will someone will find out, I'm a fraud? What, me? Write a book, which could be useful?

Self-worth is a living, breathing being, I realised.

Its fear based self, appears monthly with such regularity, along with the moon, this one too.

Questioning us, alarming us, fine tooth combing the perfectionist in us. And the typical concentration, on the one and only criticism, amongst the thousands of positive comments!

The darkened hood of disguise, comes down, tricking us in the first place. Into reaching out, the belief, you do, have something positive, to give to the world. And who, is it that judges you and me?

Mainly ourselves. We women have truly been re-sold, up the river, over and over, the perfectionism trip, we've all, been brainwashed and bought into, expecting it for ourselves. We forget to see ourselves as who we are, another unique human being, sat here, beside our human traits of imperfection.

It's okay, really it is, you can do this, I thank you, I see you, I believe in you, just for you, not for who you 'want' to be or project, but the real YOU.

I allow all my feelings, as I hope, you do too. I reach out towards you, to hopefully interact, because, really, I DO care.

To quote my new book:

We cannot be efficient every day. There is no 'perfection' only 'imperfection'. The only perfection you see, is via film, where the lighting and camera angle makes it so. It's airbrushed, stretched to achieve 'perfection'. To create the 'Hollywood' like plastic characters, people like to compare themselves to.

Remember, what makes an actor, or model 'special' is, usually, always their imperfections, that become their own, unique character.

Take a moment, see where you are, acknowledge your journey, but, whatever you do, don't miss, or forget to embrace, acceptance of golden moments, residing in the here and now. We must first, be kind, and accept all our 'imperfections', before we can share anything for 'real' from our soul, with others.

Why you should pick up your self-worth and run with it? Because it's yours, step into your power. You started something that matters, now accept it, run with it, take it to the farthest reaches of the world, and enjoy your imperfect, yet unique life, as you are.


Sally Hope Woodroffe MBACP a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. A Professional Eclectic Counsellor, and Hypnotherapist for thirty years, who enables others to find their own individual direction, and solutions of issues.
Sally Hope Woodroffe's new book 7 Steps to Transform your Self Worth available now on Amazon