Wilfred Levine Went Bonkers, Smashed Windows With An Ax At Dunkin' Donuts: Connecticut Police

Here's What Happens When You Mix Booze, An Ax, And Dunkin' Donuts

Most of America runs on Dunkin' -- this guy runs through the coffee shop smashing things with his ax.

Wilfred Levine, 63, was apparently angry when employees at a New Britain, Conn., Dunkin' Donuts kicked him out. He was also extremely liquored up, police say. His response was returning with an ax, jumping on the counter and declaring that he wanted to find the workers who ejected him, according to NBC Connecticut.

Levine then began to wreak havoc on the coffee shop. He allegedly chopped up everything he could find inside, and then proceeded to smash the front windows.

Police arrived and told him to drop the "full-size" ax, but he allegedly refused, so officers subdued him with a stun gun, according to CBS News.

About a dozen people were inside the building when Levine went bonkers, but nobody was hurt. He faces charges of assault on an officer, first-degree criminal mischief and possession of a dangerous weapon, the Hartford Courant reports.

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