Police said the man admitted starting the fire and said he did it because he didn’t agree with the man’s religious beliefs.
Now Hines art will be the subject of an exhibition that opens May 5 in Southport, Connecticut.
Trooper Brian North turned himself in Tuesday for the 2020 shooting that killed 19-year-old Mubarak Soulemane following a high-speed chase.
The penalties will begin at $25,000 per weekday beginning Friday and increase by $25,000 per weekday until he appears for a deposition,
"In the beginning of this nightmare our family was extremely mistreated by The Bridgeport Police Department," the family said in a statement.
The child is believed to have brought nearly 40 bags of the deadly drug into his Hartford school, leading to his overdose in the gymnasium.
A Connecticut judge has found Infowars host Alex Jones liable for damages in lawsuits brought by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
The tropical depression Henri appears to be lingering in the Northeast, raising the prospect it will bring sustained rains and cause major flooding inland.
It's the 19th state in the union to allow recreational cannabis use for those who are of legal drinking age.
Previously, the state had some of the highest prison phone rates in the country, charging up to $5 for a 15-minute call.