Nine U.S. states meet the criteria for this immediate travel mandate, which can carry stiff fines.
The federal decision in a Connecticut-based dispute, which stemmed from 2 trans student sprinters, could have national implications.
University of Connecticut student Peter Manfredonia, 23, had been the subject of a six-day search involving several police agencies and the FBI.
The 6-week-old infant is thought to be one of the world's youngest to die from COVID-19.
Attorney General William Barr sounded off on a lawsuit filed on behalf of three Connecticut teens who say they've been forced to compete against trans rivals.
Robert M. Phelps from Torrington allegedly threatened to kill the California Democrat with "my bare hands."
“I wouldn’t want anybody else," Bob Shellard said of his wife, Nancy, who currently resides in a nursing home.
Colorado, Connecticut and the University of Washington are using the procedure to a limited degree.
Backed by a conservative advocacy group, three girls are suing the local athletic association to prevent trans athletes from competing in girls sports.
Fotis Dulos was awaiting trial for the murder of his long-missing wife Jennifer Dulos when officials found him unresponsive at his Connecticut home.