Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont says the traffic artery linking New England with New York will be closed around the area where a tanker fire damaged a bridge.
The Connecticut woman was accused of helping her boyfriend, Fotis Dulos, plan and cover up the killing of his estranged wife in 2019.
Only 10 states allow medically assisted suicide, one of the most personal decisions that can arise in life.
Jennifer Dulos’ body was never found. Now a woman accused of covering up her murder faces trial.
Officials in Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Montana said that local police so far have not found evidence of explosives.
The state's police officers are no longer be allowed to pull over motorists solely because they have something hanging from the rearview mirror of the windshield.
Reflecting on the 2012 school shooting that killed 26 people in Connecticut, Biden called the ongoing problem of gun violence a "national tragedy."
A state judge has ordered a new Democratic mayoral primary in Connecticut’s largest city to be held after the Nov. 7 general election is completed.
Vibrio vulnificus can be contracted by swimming with an open wound in warm, brackish water or by eating undercooked shellfish.