Girl Does Ice Bucket Challenge After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled, Fails Amazingly

What's the first thing you should do after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Pour a bucket of ice water on your head in the name of donating to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, of course.

That's why when Meghan Waterman came home from the dentist, bloody mouth and all, she knew exactly what to do.

Watch her take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge in only the way a true dental hero could -- by pouring ice water on her... body. #You'reDoingItWrong.

"I luff yoo, ur bootiful," she says in the video. If this is real, we hope Meghan is doing better!

But when she isn't getting her wisdom teeth pulled or nominating people to donate to charity, she likes to sing. Check out some of Meghan's awesome covers here.



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