15 Images That Show Women's Body Hair Is Bold And Beautiful

15 Images That Show Women's Body Hair Is Bold And Beautiful

From Frida Kahlo's brows to Miley Cyrus' armpits -- women past and present have proven that body hair can be bold and beautiful.

Bustle writer Erin McKelle Fischer is highlighting more of these bold and beautiful body hair-positive women by declaring June 8 to be #BodyHairDay. To celebrate with Fischer, we've rounded up images of body hair-positive women flaunting their fabulous fur.

In an article introducing the first annual body hair holiday, Fischer explained her reasons for creating the celebratory day. "As a woman, I’ve been told since I was a teenager that having body hair is gross and that I should remove it no matter what," she wrote on Bustle. "But I wasn’t uncomfortable with my body hair -- other people were. I want people to realize that women and others who have been minoritized for having body hair (or not removing it) are not gross or unhygienic. And that more importantly, we exist."

Historically, women's body hair has been repeatedly stigmatized and censored. While women are so often told body hair is not feminine, there are tons of ladies who do in fact flaunt their natural body hair.

In light of Fischer's genius #BodyHairDay, we've rounded up images women have posted on Twitter and Instagram of their gorgeous, natural body hair. These proud body hair-positive women remind us that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the hair Mother Nature gave us.

Here are 15 images of women and their gorgeous body hair:


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