Woman Diagnosed With Cancer Is Greeted By Loved Ones Who Went Bald For Her

Woman Diagnosed With Cancer Is Greeted By Loved Ones Who Went Bald For Her

South African woman Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and her friends decided to do something amazing to display their love and support.

In February, McKenna's friends sent an email to Caring Daises, a local charity, in hopes of planning a photo shoot for McKenna, who was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months earlier, Jacaranda FM reported. They planned to surprise McKenna by shaving their heads in a sign of solidarity and photographing the process.

The organization was able to get photographer Albert Bredenhann to help capture the moment. He shared the heartwarming event in a Vimeo video, titled "Anything for Love."

"My heart is full and I am doing it for my sister," one woman told the cameraperson before getting her hair sheared. "She is one amazing person. That is the least I can do. If I can do just a little for her to feel better, I will do it with love."

"I am nervous, but I know it is the right thing to do," another said. "I am giving up my pride for a friend that is going through much, much more."

Afterward, the group posed for photographs. Then they threw a party and surprised McKenna, who burst into tears upon seeing her friends' beautiful gesture.

“It was an honor as [a] photographer to capture these memories forever,” Bredenhann told photography blog Peta Pixel about the Feb. 28 event. “I never thought being a photographer could be so satisfying and rewarding. As portrait photographers, we should always remember that we are working with people, feelings and emotions.”

All of the hair was donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa.

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