Write What You Love

Write What You Love
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“The hardest part of success is consistency.”

Tyler Wagner is not what you think of when you think of a “typical” millennial. In fact, Tyler Wagner is not a typical anything.

Tyler is a bestselling author, a coach, consultant, public speaker, marketer, teacher, and entrepreneur. When discussing why he does what he does, Tyler speaks quickly and excitedly about how his passion for helping people has shaped his life.

Tyler is the ultimate hustler, always working on himself and his business, but still somehow manages to respond to your texts and emails in a timely manner. He never seems to meet any strangers, and in fact wrote his first book, Conference Crushing, published in 2014, about how to absolutely kill it at conferences and the benefits you get from them, in a 17-step process that is easy to follow and implement.

Two years later, Tyler is doing top-rated seminars on how to become a profitable author, coaching authors on mindmapping and how to write their book, and teaching people his secrets for successful book launches. Tyler now has 11 books available on Amazon, from editing, marketing, and design tips for authors, to how to best network, and collaborations with other authors in a book called the The Better Business Book, where 100 authors share their best business advice.

Tyler created Authors Unite, a place for authors and aspiring writers to come together in a community and learn from each other and from Tyler, as well as other bestselling authors. In just over two and a half years, Authors Unite has helped 250+ authors self-publish and market their books, and grow their businesses. Tyler helps people to write what they love and build that into a successful career.

I am an author, and I found Tyler on social media. In fact, he is incredibly active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even maintains a blog on his Authors Unite site. I reached out to Tyler because I wanted to learn more about him and his story.

How is someone so young, so successful? How has he written so many books, how can I be a part of Authors Unite? Where can I learn what he learned?

Tyler emailed me back within hours, and we began a conversation. He is intelligent and interesting; he thinks about the answer before speaking, he listens, and most importantly, Tyler genuinely cares.

His business has helped over 250 people successfully publish and make money from their books, but when you talk to Tyler, he discusses his authors like they are his friends. And they are! Authors like Christopher Kai, who recently published his first book, Big Game Hunting, in which he teaches you to network with major influencers and billionaires. When Tyler discusses Chris, he grins and jokes about the people Chris has met, and Tyler is visibly proud of Chris’s accomplishments and his work with homeless youth.

Another huge success story-turned-friend for Tyler is Jason Treu. Jason wrote a book called Social Wealth, a book about building relationships in every area of your life, not just business. Jason has sold over 40,000 copies of his book, he has been #1 in the Amazon store in four different business and self-help book categories, and he has built a very successful business on the backend of his book. Jason attributes much of his success to Tyler and his strategies for book marketing, launching, and business building.

Tyler has figured out how to build a hugely successful, profitable, and genuine business by helping people, and doing what he loves. He is emotional and honest about his experiences working with so many aspiring authors, and those authors have also discussed how Tyler helped them. His one-on-one coaching seems to be incredibly important to him, especially listening to him talk about how it helps him build individual and meaningful relationships with writers.

I have been wanting to write a book for years. I’ve started and stopped writing dozens of times, I’ve gotten down some words here and there, and I’ve written other types of things, but never really wrote the book. Thanks to Tyler, I am finally on my way to finishing it. You can check out some of his secrets for writing, launching, and marketing a new book on Amazon right here, in a free webinar, where he gives some great advice, tips, and examples of each step and why it works. It’s already helped me and luckily, I have a platform through which I can share what I’ve learned with you.

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