With 'Cakeboy,' Writer Sean Santiago Creates A New Space For Queer Media

Say hello to a new zine that discusses "masculinity, community and identity through fashion, art, design and culture."

Brooklyn-based writer Sean Santiago needs your help in creating a new, subversive space for "political, emotional and impactful stories" in queer media.

Santiago, who is also a HuffPost Gay Voices blogger, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the second issue of Cakeboy magazine, which offers a platform for "discussing masculinity, community and identity through fashion, art, design and culture," as he explains in the above video. 

Released earlier this year, Cakeboy's first issue included an interview with performance artist/designer Santiago Venegas and a portfolio on neoprene, which is known as the "new latex," as well as other features. Among the blog's highlights were interviews with comedian John Early, rapper Jay Boogie and artist Stephen Zerbe.

 The publication, which was named one of the best new queer style zines by Out magazine, takes its name from a slang term used for gay men in the film, "Clueless." 

Santiago sees the magazine as being about "the things we do that make us who we are, and the space we allow ourselves to take up in the world," as opposed to emphasizing relationships and sex. 

"As a queer person navigating gay media, I often feel bombarded with imagery and messaging that just doesn't click with my reality," he told The Huffington Post. "As Cakeboy expands, my goal is to create a robust print product with a strong and essential point of view."

Moving forward, he hopes to ramp up multimedia content, too, in an effort to "tell the most comprehensive, nuanced stories possible." 

Head here to check out the Kickstarter campaign for the second issue of Cakeboy. 

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