Queer Issues

The singer’s comments sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some applauding her and others labeling her speech as performative.
“You cannot teach kids to be gay or straight,” Alyssa Marano said. “I just want my kids to be able to solve for X.”
The transgender talent had just come out as gay, Page writes, adding that the “famous asshole” later claimed he didn't “have a problem” with gay people.
The Montana incident was just the latest in an ugly rash of confrontations involving aggressive customers upset with the store's embrace of Pride Month.
Page writes about being on the "precipice" of finding himself in an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir, "Page Boy."
Advocates argued that the bill would erase the legal identities of trans, nonbinary, two-spirit and intersex people.
This marks “the most significant win for social conservatives in a generation," Republican Gov. Jim Pillen said.
Florida's hard-right governor signed a bevy of anti-LGBTQ bills into law this week, including one that bans gender-affirming care for minors.
"The heteronormative life I’d chosen was largely a big 'f**k you' to my mother. But in my attempt to be different from her, I inadvertently rejected parts of myself."