Queer Issues

We talked to professionals who don’t fit cis-heteronormative standards about how workplace dress codes can reinforce sexism, racism and gender identity repression.
The women said they were physically and verbally assaulted by two other patrons at Las Perlas before bar staff aggressively threw them out.
Yanna Awtrey no longer has a permanent home after Welch College booted him from its dorms.
Plus: Research to help transgender athletes take the field.
The Archdiocese of Indianapolis will no longer recognize Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School as Catholic after the school refused to fire a gay employee.
The vice president runs counter to every ideal military academy graduates are called to defend.
Amid joy over his historic candidacy, some are torn over wanting the next president to be anything but another white man.
"We’re doing healing work, and if you have the calling to do healing work, it can also kind of be healing for yourself," one of the artists said of their efforts.
Brunei implemented a law making gay sex punishable by death, so many are boycotting hotels owned by the country's Sultan.
The presidential prospect announced she will bring Blake Dremann as her State of the Union guest in the wake of Trump's trans military ban.
“Let me start by saying that I’m OK," the "Empire" actor said Friday.
Sarah McBride, a trans woman and national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, was harassed by two trans-exclusionary radical feminists.
The law would make New York the 15th state to outlaw the controversial and damaging practice.
Franklin Graham's Facebook account was temporarily blocked over an old post he wrote attacking transgender rights.
The boxer was a five-time national amateur champion before his transition.
The INTO article came under heavy criticism for labeling Grande's "thank u, next" video racist and transphobic.
The book was slammed for “obscenely and in detail describing gay male-male acts."
Ed Razek said he didn't think transgender models should walk in the brand's fashion show.