'Yellowstone' Actor Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight For Refusing To Sit Next To Passenger Wearing Mask

Forrie J. Smith previously revealed he doesn't believe in vaccinations.

Forrie J. Smith, the actor who plays Lloyd Pierce on the Paramount Network Western series “Yellowstone,” claims he was kicked off of a flight for refusing to sit next to a passenger who was wearing a mask.

Smith, 65, vented about the incident in an Instagram video on Saturday, telling his more than 500,000 followers that he “didn’t feel comfortable” sitting next to the masked individual.

“You know my social media people tell me that you like me face to face. But you know what, I can’t say face to face what I want,” Smith began his message.

“I just got kicked off a plane in, uh where the hell am I at? Houston, Texas,” he continued. “Because I told them that I didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to somebody with a mask on.”

He admitted that he had been drinking while waiting at an undisclosed airport for three hours but insisted he wasn’t drunk.

“But they threw me off the plane because I’m drunk. Because you people won’t stand up and tell everybody what bullshit this is,” he added.

Smith did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

The “Tombstone” actor’s followers largely criticized Smith in the comments section for his reaction to the masked passenger.

“What if this person was visiting a sick family member and was just being extra safe, “ one person questioned. “Always be kind…You never know what they might be going through.”

“I wore a mask all the time when my mom was on hospice care and traveling back and forth to see her. This post makes me sad as a fan,” another wrote.

“I liked your work on the series but being drunk in public is absurd, particularly at your age AND a public figure representing a successful franchise,” someone else commented. “A mask does not hurt you in any way. Please stop acting like a child.”

Another added, “For the life of me I cannot fathom why someone else wearing a mask is so threatening to some people!!! Many people live with a loved one who is immunocompromised (e.g. cancer, heart disease).”

Smith previously made headlines for refusing to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony in February 2022 due to the requirement that all attendees show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

“I want to apologize to y’all for not being at the Screen Actors Guild Awards — I mean no offense to anyone,” Smith said in a since-deleted Instagram video posted to his account at the time, Fox News reports. “I’m not vaccinated, and it’s a requirement to be vaccinated to be at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony.”

The actor continued, “I’m not vaccinated. I will not get vaccinated. I haven’t been vaccinated since I was a little kid. I don’t vaccinate my dogs; I don’t vaccinate my horses. I’ve never had a flu shot — I never will. I believe they compromise your immunities.”

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