Yet Another Tiger Scandal

The big news everywhere is Tiger. How many Tiger headlines have you seen?

Yet, the press is oddly silent on the Tiger scandal that deserves the most attention. The Tiger scandal that's truly shameful. The Tiger scandal that we ought to be talking about. The one we can all do something about.

Despite international actions to ban most trade in tiger skins and parts, poaching of these majestic felines for their hides continues. Some people even want to resume trade in tiger bone for use in traditional Chinese medicines. Illegal logging is also destroying vital forest habitat that tigers and cubs need to survive.

Your donation to Defenders of Wildlife can Adopt A Tiger and help to battle the many threats -- including illegal logging and poaching -- to tigers and other endangered wildlife around the world.

Adopt a Tiger is one of the many charitable gifts available on a nonprofit website, It's surprisingly affordable to preserve an acre of the wilderness, fund an hour of cancer research, provide books for children, or even restore a blind person's eyesight with cataract surgery.

You can also give these gifts in a friend's name and send a beautiful personalized greeting card, right from the site, to announce your gift.

What better way to show your love this holiday season than doing something meaningful in your friend's name!

The next time you see a Tiger headline, please think about this need.