You Deserve to Live Your Dream Life Now

I’m shining the spotlight on my friend and fellow ambitious entrepreneur, Kristen Parker. I asked her if she could share her entrepreneurial journey and wisdom in today’s article. She agreed and wrote an amazing article below. Kristen’s one amazing entrepreneur and a valuable member of the Elite Society of Ambitious Moms Mastermind. Thank you, Kristen!

Hey entrepreneurs, don't burn out and sacrifice happiness while building your empire. With a slight mindset shift you can live your dream life now.

Not that long ago if you asked me what I was doing over the weekend I would have said: 'working'.  If you asked me what I was doing at 5:30 AM Wednesday I would've said 'working' or 11:30 on Monday night?  You guessed it ~ 'working'! A lot of people who know me know that when I'm not working, I'm working [my side-gig].

Since then my business model has changed and in my Facebook timeline and newsfeed you'll find tons of pictures of me fishing with my family, out at the beach, or walking my dog.

Why the switch?

I've always prided myself on my stellar work ethic. And while it's important to work hard, more importantly we should strive to work smart. This is something I am incorporating into my daily routine more and more. We seem to live in a society that rewards burn out. It's a badge of honor to grind, push our limits, produce, work to be better...and that's all well and good. But at what cost?

You know the old saying, be careful what you wish for? Well at one point in my business I shamefully admitted that I secretly hoped my husband would fall asleep on the couch watching TV.  I coveted even more time to myself to continue working late into the night. And you know what, I wasn't the only one. In my work group other entrepreneurs admitted having similar, if not the same, wishes.

On the weekends I traded going out and connecting with others for being a hermit, pounding away at my laptop. I felt like while I was preaching to others that they could grow their business online and have a life at the same time, I truly was neglecting what little life I had left. I became a workaholic, addicted to my business. This guises itself as unwavering dedication but the price is high and I'm now working on setting healthy boundaries. If we work ourselves without taking time out for fun or relaxation, there are sacrifices we will surely make.

Neglecting my self care was the beginning. I kept the house a mess. We ate take out more than prepared healthy meals. I wasn't walking my dog, let alone my own growing self! My husband's announcements that work travel would take him out of town for weeks at a time almost became a celebration. When he was home, my work always seemed to come first. Over time, we became more and more disconnected. At one point I wasn't sure if we were going to make it. Of course there were additional factors at play, but I am willing to put on my big girl pants and take ownership of my contributions.

Let's face it, the reality is that being an entrepreneur is hard work. We often face challenges, put in long hours, and family and friends don't always know what we're going through or relate. The flip side of the amazing freedom and fun is that entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely road sprinkled with obstacles. That being said, there is great pride and fulfillment creating something that is truly all your own. And you deserve that!

Now I give those I mentor the following advice. Practice gratitude for what you have right now while you're striving for your big goals. You deserve to live your dream life alongside growing your empire. Take a pause from time to time and reflect on how beautiful life is. Express your love and gratitude frequently and the law of attraction will manifest itself generously. Love the life you're in because the only thing we're guaranteed is this moment. You'll notice with this perspective shift that while you're on your journey to success, you'll embrace the fabric of your present experiences.

Do more of the things you love with the people you love the most. For it's the relationships, connections, and memories you have that will get you through the challenging times of entrepreneurship. Lastly, remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. If in your list is spending more time with family, well it won't do you any good if there not standing by your side in the end.

I've learned a few things from my experience. Continue to work hard, but take time out to nurture yourself and your relationships. Appreciate and care for the life you're in while you envision your dream destination. Be present as much as possible while simultaneously reaching for lofty goals.

I wish with the utmost simplicity, you deservingly live your dream life now.

About Kristen:

Kristen Parker is a working mom who teaches other network marketers and entrepreneurs how to grow their side-gig online without the worries of prospecting. She specializes in driving traffic on Instagram, creating more targeted and attracted leads for your business. Kristen is passionate about teaching budding entrepreneurs to live their dream life now with simplicity, gratefulness, and intention while chasing their goals and building their empire. When not working, Kristen can be found fishing with her family, walking her dog, or soaking up the Florida lifestyle at the beach. Be sure to connect with Kristen at her Facebook Group Dream Build with Kristen

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