Young House Love Bloggers John and Sherry Petersik: A Home Is About Soul

WATCH: The Couple Behind 'Young House Love'

In 2007, John and Sherry Petersik started a blog to document the renovations they were making to their first home in Richmond, Va. In just a few short years, gained an incredible following with more than a million people watching their adventures unfold online. In this original short from OWN's "Super Soul Sunday," the couple, along with their daughter, Clara, open their doors to reveal what's really important to them in a home.

"A house is just four walls, but to us I think a home has a story to it, it carries more weight and meaning," John says in the video.

"Home is really a lot more about the feeling you get and the soul of a structure," Sherry says. "It's the noises, the smells, the people who live there, the memories. There's a peace that comes with being in your home and feeling like you fit in there."

One of John and Sherry's many DIY projects is a wall in their home covered from floor to ceiling in family photos, quotations and meaningful trinkets. "This is sort of like the heart of our home," Sherry says. "From the minute that we moved here we thought, let's wallpaper the walls with memories. Like a time capsule of these moments we've had together."

Though some might say that John and Sherry's home looks picture-perfect, they say they're not seeking perfection.

"I think having to go through renovations and projects together where things don't go smoothly also is giving us an appreciation for working together and being comfortable with each other's imperfections as well," John says.

"We go all in -- we sweat, and we get dirty, we cry and we make up, and we make mistakes, and we course correct as we go," Sherry says. "And by some miracle we step back and blink our eyes, and we're right where we need to be, and we feel like we're where we belong."

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.

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