Mistletoe Kissing Stunt Earns This Guy All Of The Smooches

A college student and aspiring comedian recently outfitted himself with a homemade PVC-pipe “mistletoe kissing contraption” and hit up the streets of Chicago to see what would happen.

What could go wrong, right?

Well, as it turns out, not much: YouTube prankster Blake Grigsby -- whom you might recognize from “Drive-By Compliments” and other viral videos he’s created -- was met with plenty of smiles, laughs and, naturally, a whole lot off smooches when he camped out at the city’s Christkindlmarket downtown.

The DePaul University student’s video, which was released Wednesday, shows dozens of people -- women, a few men and at least one baby -- sidling up to him for kisses on the cheek and lips, all in the spirit of good holiday cheer.

Two Santa-thumbs down, however, to one couple who decided to take the opportunity under Grigsby’s mistletoe to share a not-so-quick smooching session of their own. Rude.