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YSL Belle D'Opium Ad Banned For Simulating Drug Use (VIDEO)

A television commercial for Yves Saint Laurent's Belle D'Opium fragrance has been banned from British screens after the country's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) determined "the woman's actions simulated drug use, and therefore concluded it was irresponsible and unacceptable for broadcast," the Daily Mail reports.

The ASA added:

We were concerned that in the context of the ad, Belle [played by French actress Melanie Thierry] running her finger down her inner arm could be seen to simulate the injection of opiates into the body.

We were also concerned that following that scene, Belle was shown moving in a series of short, rapid scenes, before the ad concluded with her body seizing upwards while lying on the floor, an action we considered could be seen to simulate the effect of drugs on the body.

According to the Mail, the commercial was already viewed by 44 million people and 96 percent of French women found it to be totally acceptable. WWD writes that only 13 viewers complained about the spot.

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