Industry and GOP lawmakers argued the oil and gas leasing pause would devastate the U.S. energy sector. A new report found it's had a minimal impact.
Shalanda Baker, who would lead the Energy Department's Office of Minority Economic Impact, said non-white communities are often "invisible to lawmakers."
Three oil giants suffered separate blows in one day, marking what one analyst called “the start of a new era” for the industry.
Jennifer Granholm said gas shortage fears from last week's cyberattack are being overblown.
Transforming into an early riser is simpler than you think.
Unhappy with President Joe Biden's sweeping American Jobs Plan, members of the GOP have latched on to an extremely narrow definition of infrastructure.
Electricity price-gouging in storm-struck Texas is just a glimpse of the nation’s looming utility debt crisis.
The Republican also insisted that wind and solar energy had caused the blackouts when coal, nuclear and natural gas energy systems bear much of the blame.
Coal, natural gas and nuclear plants ― not wind turbines ― were the main cause. But right-wing misinformation proved more reliable than the grid itself.
The Texas senator blasted California's electricity policy when that state faced blackouts last year, but now his own state is in the same boat.