In the 1990s, the nation’s largest public housing authority helped popularize energy-efficient refrigerators. Now it’s ready to do the same for heat pumps.
State Rep. Alex Ramel's reelection campaign could be a referendum on electrification.
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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is hindering President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and getting called out for his actions.
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Climate group Evergreen Action highlights 15 investments that would reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and hurt petro-dictators like Vladimir Putin.
The U.S. and other countries will increase exports of liquified natural gas to Europe, but the continent can't quit its reliance on Russian supplies overnight.
The decision comes as surging oil prices have been rattling global markets and after Ukraine’s foreign minister criticized Shell for continuing to buy Russian oil.
OVO Energy admitted its tips — which included doing housework and jumping jacks — were "embarrassingly unhelpful and poorly judged."