Federal Reserve

One analyst said this interest rate increase, the ninth in the past year, shows the Fed's "willingness to roll the dice" with the economy.
Most economists expect the Federal Reserve to announce a relatively modest quarter-point hike in its benchmark rate, its ninth hike since March of last year.
"He has had two jobs," the senator told NBC’s "Meet the Press." "One is to deal with monetary policy. One is to deal with regulation. He has failed at both."
Lawmakers are trying to decide whether the federal government should bail out a failed bank that mostly served the wealthy and powerful.
Last month, the government reported a surprising burst of hiring for January — 517,000 added jobs — though that gain was revised down slightly to 504,000 in Friday’s report.
His hawkish statement at a congressional hearing shows concern over a stronger-than-expected economy.
The director of the Congressional Budget Office sees rising joblessness in response to the repeated rate hikes.
Recent data suggests a recession may be less likely than previously feared -- but some firms seem to be copying each other's layoff strategies.
December's lower inflation reading makes it likelier that the Fed will slow its interest rate hikes in the coming months.
“We are not and we will not be a climate policymaker,” he told a panel in Stockholm.