Nicholas Johnson said his achievement felt especially empowering given the school's "historical ties to the institution of slavery.”
NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, made famous by the movie 'Hidden Figures', has died at the age of 101.
BEDMAS, BODMAS or PEMDAS? Which do you use?
"Parenting is 10% knowing you would kill for your children and 90% suppressing the urge to kill them."
Taylor Richardson raised $50,000 to help send girls to see "A Wrinkle In Time" and Oprah Winfrey matched her funds.
Uber had been accused of stealing trade secrets from Waymo.
"I literally just read the manual that told you what moves kinda helped."
A case at the high court could have big implications for how aggressively states can remove voters from their rolls.
You know that interview question everyone hates: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Well, throughout my 20s, I always
But figuring out who's likely to vote remains a challenge.
Advocates are worried the state's voter ID law, and confusion over another law, will suppress voter turnout.
There have been strong hints of that finger point in the final run up days to the election.
Facing pressure, the American Legislative Exchange Council disbanded a task force focused on elections in 2012. Now it seems to be taking a renewed interest.