After encountering a "friendly group of beaked whales," scientists realized they may have found a previously unknown species.
A massive tourist was spotted frolicking near landmarks like the Statue of Liberty.
The mother killer whale, also known as J35, gave birth to a calf researchers have determined is male.
Little Grey and Little White were captured from the wild and kept first at a research center, then an aquarium. Now, they're back in the ocean.
Cris Lane called the collision "a new twist in whale-watching."
The whales are newly listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
A whale filmed playing with a rugby ball is Hvaldimir, the beluga in Norway some speculate escaped from the Russian military.
11 orcas and dozens of belugas have been released from a miserable holding facility, though some experts say the way they were freed may put them at risk.
“Dinner is served,” a researcher said as dozens of octopuses and fish munched on the carcass.
Researchers call for emergency protections as 400 remaining animals fight for their lives.