"You can’t live in a fat body in a thin-centric, diet-obsessed culture without picking up on the idea that fat automatically equals unhealthy."
The number of lives lost directly or indirectly to the coronavirus in the U.S. appears to be far greater than the officially reported COVID-19 death toll.
Actor played powerful roles in "The China Syndrome," "The Natural," "Absence of Malice" and "The Firm."
Almost 18% of working-age diabetics are skipping meds because of cost.
People with diabetes won't pay more than $100 a month out of pocket for the drug under a new law.
Hollywood director Penny Marshall has died from complications of diabetes.
From slavery to snack food, sugar has ravaged Caribbean and South American nations. Is it time for reparations?
I cannot profess to know why ketogenic diets are the flavor of the week, other than the fact that there always is one of
Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD Physician-in-Chief The Mount Sinai Hospital Director of Mount Sinai Heart New U.S. guidelines for
Up to 650,000 people in the world die from seasonal flu each year. This is much higher than the often-used numbers of 250,000