Life Hacks

Including a self-inflating air mattress to make having guests over so much easier.
The Italian-based, Senegalese-born personality is famous for videos in which he simplifies complicated "life hacks."
Because of course eating fruit soft serve every day will make life better.
When life gets too overwhelming, turn to this list of low-effort cleaners, cooking appliances and home essentials.
Including a super handy fabric shaver, a tool to finally organize all your wall cords and a drain protector.
How to organize your refrigerator if you want to eat more of what you buy and save money, too.
The power of leather leggings, folks.
The reviewer-beloved cable cord-concealing box is going to WILDLY improve your living room's aesthetic.
Including the original Body Glide anti-chafe balm, Gold Bond Friction Defense and anti-chafing thigh bands.
Including helpful soft corner guards for pointy edges, a genius booster seat that attaches under the chair and a cleaning paste that gets rid of crayon marks on the walls.