Palm Beach

Nouman Raja now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years and could spend his life in prison for the death of Corey Jones.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon continues to investigate professional misconduct allegations against the Navy doctor.
As a journalist, I found the company's demands reprehensible but was told not to question authority.
The president was spending MLK Jr. Day at his golf resort.
"I threw eggs at his car, I wanted to run him over," she allegedly told police.
Sheila Keen Warren -- now married to the victim's husband -- is accused of fatally shooting Marlene Warren while wearing the creepy disguise.
Shelters are overwhelmed with animals in Irma’s wake, including some found tied up outside in the hurricane.
The local sheriff cited it as an example of how people can "put our deputies in jeopardy" by ignoring storm warnings.
The two female birds don't mind sharing the male -- but they don't like sharing food.
The golfer says he had an "unexpected reaction to prescribed medications," and that alcohol was not involved.
Carelessly graded exams are worthless, and only serve to punish children, teachers, and schools. So who grades the tests?