The story of Hanukkah is one of revolution and miracles: Greek influence over the Jews in the Land of Israel had become an
With my adopted Jersey family, we exchanged seasonal customs and broke bread, fashioning our own semblance of Thanksgiving traditions.
The intersection of religion and social media came to a beautiful crescendo this year with the double holiday of Thanksgiving
Join Caroline as she talks about what is trending in religion news, including the latest on Pope Francis.
Join Caroline as she talks about what is trending in religion news, including a new app Sikhs are using at the airport.
For the first time in 125 years, the Jewish holiday of Hannukkah and the American holiday of Thanksgiving overlapped. Because
The level of holiday gifting common in today's Jewish community discourages gratitude; it encourages us to focus on all the things we do not have instead of appreciating the things -- and the people -- we do.
Their reunion was made possible by The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, as the men had fallen out of touch with each
May this Chanukah and Thanksgiving truly banish darkness, bring bounty, cultivate gratitude, and challenge us to see the light in others' eyes.
America's schools are already struggling to accommodate multicultural student populations with limited time and budgets, so as a public service, I provide the following easy-to-perform dual-purpose pageant for elementary schools.
This week, Wind Capital Group announced that it will not move forward with the Sugarland Wind Farm, a project that would have placed 124 Statue of Liberty-sized wind turbines in the Everglades Agricultural Area.
Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, is celebrated for eight days beginning at sundown on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013. On
In our house, we'd like to cut out the presents entirely, but we don't want our kids to associate being Jewish with getting ripped off, so we compromise with books.
Of course, Palin is widely known for her intellectual curiosity, her objectivity, her distaste for inflammatory rhetoric and her adherence to facts. So we must ask, is The Wasilla Wonder onto something here?
Joseph interprets Pharoah's dreams, and then offers some unsolicited advice. The advice provokes surprising praise from Pharoah. What's going on?
If you celebrate Hanukkah, this week may test your ability to be adaptable. What we have here is a holiday convergence. And so prominent is this convergence that it has been dubbed 'Thanksgivukkah.' Frankly it's a scheduling nightmare.
New York-area a cappella group Shir Soul released its newest video - a cover of OneRepublic's Counting Stars -- that pays homage to Hanukkah themes. Happy Hanukkah!
Chanukah is different, and we like it that way. Our kids just don't miss that old man in his sleigh. We won't sing the carols and we don't have a tree, our holiday tales are of brave Maccabees.