The Trump era "might represent only a middle chapter in the Republican Party’s transformation ... into an authoritarian party," warned Max Boot in The Washington Post.
Republican lawmakers will soon be forced into a moment of truth as one Trump court case after another topples.
The president remains fixated in his unprecedented attempt to maintain his grasp on power to delegitimize Biden's win.
The Washington Examiner said the president's legal team “looks as though it is flinging mud to see what sticks" in its bid to overturn the election result.
Max Boot lamented the Republican Party's descent "into collective madness" in his column for The Washington Post.
During the Senate debate, Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst was asked about the price of soybeans, but she fumbled and got it wrong.
President Donald Trump’s supporters are praising him for not dying from the coronavirus even though he is not yet in the clear.
The T-shirts went on sale just minutes after President Donald Trump formally nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Supreme Court justice.
To me, Donald Trump is about as un-Republican as someone can get.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is facing stiff competition in South Carolina. He says he’s “being killed financially” by Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison.