Ilhan Omar

“I have never been reprimanded or received any disciplinary warnings,” she wrote on X.
The university said Asna Tabassum’s commencement speech would be canceled due to security and safety risks.
Omar told HuffPost she found it “deeply disappointing” that a commentator called her a “public relations agent for Hamas” without any pushback
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ilhan Omar are demanding answers about policies that target communities of color.
An unheralded group has helped thousands of immigrants build lives in the U.S. — maybe none more than one unassuming staffer.
The censure resolution stems from a mistranslation of Omar's speech circulated by conservative social media accounts.
The Minnesota Democrat is taking aim at a $320 million package of bomb equipment that the Biden administration wants to provide to Israel's military.
U.S. Capitol Police are beefing up protective measures as Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, has declared Friday a global "day of rage."
Jeffries, a staunch AIPAC ally, is not on board with the pro-Israel group’s efforts to oust two Democratic members of the House.
Carlson for years used his prime-time show on Fox News to target the Minnesota Democrat, one of the first Muslim women in Congress.