Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Some in the party are spooked by efforts to get the candidates to commit to pressuring Israel to end the occupation of Palestinian lands.
Activists have been criticizing Israeli policies towards Palestinians long before the Minnesota congresswoman.
The outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the UN gave no details of exactly what was in the long-awaited plan to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
The smear campaign has forced the broader public, particularly the African-American community, to reckon with his message.
Influential parents accused Riverdale Country School of leftist “indoctrination,” and now two teachers are gone. A parable about the real political correctness.
If Trump has been a different kind of Republican president on Israel, it has only been in disastrous ways.
The tabloid said the first daughter was "all smiles" as protesters died in Gaza.
In one of his most controversial decisions to date, Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel in December.
The State Department will move to retrofit an existing building, rather than construct an entirely new one.
“I really wish it was a nightmare. I really wish that I could wake up to a different reality.”
Israeli media reports the prime minister was angered by news that several of his colleagues were planning to skip the president's arrival.
President Trump met with King Abdullah II of Jordan to discuss a plan backed by Arab leaders pushing for Palestinian statehood.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “We will defend ourselves against slander and boycotts.”
“Just by choosing to be here, you can’t help but be a part of it.”
A historian argues that the leveling of inequality has always entailed war or disaster. A top scientist looks at how robots and biotech will shape the future.