Jim Mattis

Trump's ally says the president can bust Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, the "Clintons" and others who oppose him.
In "Rage," the journalist describes how Trump's erratic tweeting ramped up tensions inside the White House, prompting one top official to sleep in his clothes.
Bob Woodward, in his new book, says the president made the remarks in front of an aide to former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
Trump "dodged the draft" and now "hides from protesters in a deep bunker firing off tweets," mocks a new video by The Lincoln Project.
Trump's former chief of staff said Americans should look closer at the character of people who are running for office and "put them through the filter."
Many GOP lawmakers shrugged off the retired four-star Marine general’s criticism.
The letter also attacks former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis for criticizing the president.
“The president has clearly forgotten how it actually happened or is confused,” Trump's former chief of staff said.
Republican lawmakers who fear reprisals from the president and his supporters reacted to Jim Mattis' letter excoriating the president in familiar ways.
"We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership," the former defense secretary wrote to The Atlantic.