Joe Manchin

With Democrats' control of Congress teetering, the president has traveled the country to turn the midterms into a choice between two visions for America.
Republicans took their revenge on Democrat Manchin over his vote last month for Democrats' big climate and health law, the Inflation Reduction Act.
More than 70 House Democrats warned leadership against a special deal with West Virginia's Democratic senator to win his Inflation Reduction Act support.
The West Virginia Democrat called the proposal "excessive," arguing there are more effective ways to support student borrowers.
A key House committee chairman says he doesn’t feel bound by any promise made to the senator to get the Inflation Reduction Act passed.
Despite a marathon of tough votes on Republican amendments overnight, Democrats remain on track to pass the Inflation Reduction Act.
A series of ads from industry-backed groups falsely suggests cuts to Medicare are on the way.
Sen. Joe Manchin is “adamant” about fixing a tax break for wealthy investors, but fellow moderate Kyrsten Sinema had wanted to keep it untouched.
The president acknowledged his agenda was trimmed down, but said the $740 billion agreement with members of his own party was still historic.
Republicans are upset Joe Manchin supposedly double-crossed them by cutting a deal with Chuck Schumer.