Joe Manchin

The president is expected to receive a briefing Thursday on potential gun control proposals. He's keeping everyone guessing whether he'll back any of them.
A "person of interest" reportedly has been identified in deaths at a VA hospital in West Virginia. Two cases have been ruled homicides.
The centrist Democrat held the governorship from 2005 to 2010 and had previously said he was unhappy in his role as senator.
The centrist Democrat is having second thoughts about Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who once helped sex offender Jeffrey Epstein avoid prosecution.
The Democratic senator introduced a bill that would cut off all federal funding when the U.S. hosts the men's international soccer tournament.
The Senate's most endangered Democrat says he doesn't intend to change as he gears up for an extremely tough 2020 reelection fight.
The West Virginia lawmaker said he wouldn't support the Equality Act as written, specifically pointing to provisions for transgender students.
The coal-friendly lawmaker vowed to work with both sides of the aisle as his party tries to counter President Donald Trump's environmental policies.
But other Democrats sound comfortable with the West Virginia senator serving as ranking member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
The Democratic senator triumphed in the deep red state despite the attorney general support from Donald Trump and big ties to the pharmaceutical industry.
The Democratic senator is fighting to hold onto his seat in West Virginia in next week’s midterm elections.
The vote was about something much bigger than judicial philosophy. It was about whether women can be believed.
The Supreme Court nominee's confirmation was seen as inevitable after two key swing senators voiced support on Friday.
If either Susan Collins or Joe Manchin votes yes, the judge will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.
“I’m not hearing anything from the 30 years as an adult, in his professional life," the West Virginia senator said.
Police detained nine women who refused to leave Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin's campaign headquarters in Charleston.
“This country is being ripped apart here, and we’ve got to make sure we do due diligence,” Flake told the Senate Judiciary Committee.
His opponent backs a lawsuit that could invalidate the law's insurance protections for those with preexisting conditions.
“I can’t give assurances on a specific hypothetical,” President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee said.
The Judicial Crisis Network is already spending $1.4 million to pressure red-state Democrats to vote for nominee Brett Kavanaugh.