Conservatives have for weeks demanded an investigation into Carlson’s claim that a major U.S. spy agency targeted him, but he has provided no evidence.
The Fox News host alleged on-air that the Biden administration was spying on him.
"The Biden administration is spying on us," the Fox News host said. "We have confirmed that."
Colonial Pipeline operates a system that spans from Texas to New Jersey, moving some 100 million gallons of fuel every day.
Robert O'Brien and his entourage were relegated to a single floor at their Hanoi hotel, food was left outside their rooms for them to retrieve.
The president is changing his view of the fugitive NSA whistleblower he once called a traitor. Cheney, a House GOP leader, isn't changing hers.
Reality Winner’s mom says her daughter caught COVID-19 behind bars while convicted former Trump aides are set free from prison during the pandemic.
The National Security Agency leaker violated secrecy contracts by discussing his classified work without approval, a federal judge said.
Snowden should've gone through "official channels," his critics yelped. Here's what happens when you do.
The government says the former CIA and NSA official's new book, "Permanent Record," violates his nondisclosure agreements.
The whistleblower who remains in exile in Russia wants a chance to explain himself in court.
The program is currently halted, reportedly due to technical difficulties.
“Russia is not my home; Russia is my place of exile,” the former NSA contractor said.
The former NSA contractor, sentenced to five years in prison, gave her first TV interview.
Winner's sentencing is the "longest yet" for a government leaker, prosecutors said.
Winner is the first to be convicted in the Trump era for disclosing classified documents to the media.
She's expected to accept a plea deal over disclosure of a memo that gave proof of Russia's 2016 meddling in the presidential election.
But don't count on Robert Mueller to nail him, the NSA whistleblower warns.
Nakasone replaces Admiral Mike Rogers, who is retiring after nearly four years in the “dual-hat” position leading the NSA and the military’s cyber warfare division.
Photos show an SUV with bullet holes through the windshield at the Fort Meade base.