Racial Profiling

Barrino thinks race was the reason she was kicked out of her rental while hosting a birthday party for her son.
Two men were pricing out cellphones in a T-Mobile store when the cops received a 911 call falsely claiming the store was being robbed.
Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), one of just two African Americans in the United States Senate, took to the Senate floor to explain how he experiences racism, even from police on Capitol Hill, while he wears his official pin.
Full Segment: Plaintiffs in a class-action suit against the NYPD argue there is "no reason" police are stopping hundreds of thousands of young men. But is the real reason quotas?
Miya Ponsetto became known as “SoHo Karen” after she was filmed accusing a Black teen of taking her phone. The phone was found later in an Uber.
The comedian said he was the only person of color in line when two plainclothes agents stopped him for a random drug search.
The Californian was released and told to stay away from musician Keyon Harrold and his son after falsely accusing the teen of stealing her phone.
The “CBS This Morning” host showed impressive patience with Miya Ponsetto, the "Soho Karen" who falsely accused a 14-year-old of stealing her phone.
Musician Keyon Harrold, who filmed the incident, said the woman tackled his son and tried to search his pockets. The woman later found her phone.
Leland Melvin said that flying a space shuttle was significantly less nerve-wracking than being racially profiled by the police.