The Democratic nominee had sought the blessing from leaders of the Boilermakers union to fend off claims that he is opposed to fracking.
It makes sense: Labor groups make their members aware of benefit programs and help them access them.
The first president Beatrice Lumpkin voted for was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and she's not about to quit now.
Former employees of a hotel hosting MLB players in Pasadena, California, lost their jobs and health insurance earlier in the pandemic.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans now give organized labor a thumbs up.
Facing an alarming shortage of poll workers due to the pandemic, unions have begun recruiting their members to help keep precincts open.
The Teamsters are the last of the five biggest labor unions to back Biden.
Tens of thousands of in-home care providers can now bargain over subsidies from the state. "This feels surreal," said one.
Attorney Antone Melton-Meaux was a partner at Jackson Lewis, a firm that advertises its success helping companies beat unions.
In large Democratic-held cities, police unions are a powerful political force. That may be changing.