An official with the labor board said Amazon tainted the election process by installing a mailbox onsite for ballots.
The "Last Week Tonight" host exposed common tactics companies use to bust unions.
Kellogg's said in its lawsuit that union members have been physically blocking the entrance to the plant as trucks try to enter.
United Auto Workers members voted the deal down by a 55-45 margin.
The German media company's acquisition of Politico left staffers without a retirement plan while organizers were gathering union cards.
The deal reached on Biden’s Build Back Better framework includes monetary penalties of up to $100,000 for employers who violate labor law.
One labor historian said it was unprecedented to see sitting secretaries standing with workers on strike.
The 56-year-old man died early Wednesday morning, shaking United Auto Workers members and their supporters.
Democratic nominee India Walton and incumbent Mayor Byron Brown are both running as champions of organized labor.
In the survey commissioned by the AFL-CIO labor federation, a strong majority said workers were right to walk out for better pay and benefits.
After a preliminary vote count in Connecticut, two workers supported and three workers opposed becoming the only unionized Dollar General store in the country.
The workers had rejected a tentative agreement reached between the manufacturer and their union, the United Auto Workers.
Federal filings give a hint at how large a tab the meal-kit company is running up to stifle a union campaign by Unite Here.
Workers say the cereal giant is pursuing a long-term plan to eliminate the good pay and solid benefits they've won in past contracts.
Almost 99% of union members approved of striking if they don't make progress on a contract, threatening to shut down TV and film production.
The bill includes proposed fines and tax provisions that could steer more business to unionized companies and make it easier for workers to organize.
TV ads sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and unions claim that a bill empowering Medicare to negotiate lower prices would destroy union jobs.
In the latest Gallup poll, 68% of respondents said they dig unions.
Despite pressure from management, staffers voted 15-2 to join the Washington-Baltimore NewsGuild.
The tax deduction they're considering would be more useful to union members than the one Republicans repealed in 2017.