The new Congressional Workers Union says Rep. Andy Levin's office voted unanimously in favor of unionizing.
Workers have been taken for granted for too long, said five-year Home Depot veteran Vince Quiles.
An eleventh-hour deal between unions and rail companies has averted a strike that would have caused widespread disruption to passengers and businesses.
President Joe Biden says a tentative railway labor agreement has been reached, averting a potentially devastating strike before the pivotal midterm elections.
Workers may walk off the job – or be locked out by their employers – if they can’t reach a deal by the Friday deadline.
The seven will get their jobs back after the Seattle-based coffee giant lost an appeal of a lower court’s order to reinstate them.
The Democratic senator is renewing her push to nullify the state laws aimed at weakening labor unions.
The MLB Players Association will finally be a member of the AFL-CIO, affiliating with 57 other unions across industries.
Companies can use multiple tactics to stop their employees from organizing.
Findings from Gallup show union favorability is at a 57-year high amid a wave of new workplace organizing.